20 years of work have allowed us to be true professionals in the field of installation and maintenance of complex technological equipment

We constantly ensure the high quality of work, regardless of the place of their implementation, we guarantee professional project management and responsible adherence to deadlines with invariably wide opportunities and competence.

well-executed projects

International Airport
Vnukovo (service project)

The beginning of cooperation on the implementation of work at this airport was in 2009.

Our company has installed baggage handling systems (LSS) and installed a sorter that processes 6,000 baggage pieces per hour, installed 90 check-in counters at the first stage of work and 10 arriving baggage claim carousels. This system is equipped with a multi-level inspection system.

Since the end of the installation and up to the present time, we have been providing service maintenance of the system in the mode of round-the-clock coverage of the facility 24/7, we also help in the modernization of existing equipment and the system as a whole.


International Airport
Sheremetyevo (service project)

Since 2011, the airport's Terminal D has been renovating and constantly modernizing the automated baggage handling system (LSS).

Due to the work of our company's specialists, the speed of baggage sorting has been increased by installing and introducing more modern equipment into the existing system. Also, our company carried out work on the installation of a redundant sorter for increasing capacity, which brought the system to a qualitatively new level and increased the reliability of the system itself.

Since the end of the installation and modernization of the systems and to the present, we have been providing service maintenance in the mode of round-the-clock coverage of the facility 24/7 as many as two airport terminals: Terminal B and Terminal C.


International Airport
Domodedovo (service project)

Since 2011, the Domodedovo airport has been modernizing the automated baggage handling system (LSS). Due to the fact that Domodedovo is one of the largest airports in terms of passenger traffic, our company has installed one of the most reliable systems, with the possibility of further improvement.

After high-quality performance of all works, the company "SVA-Group" LLC together with the Customer carried out the installation of the first TUBTRAX luggage system in Russia. This system differs from conveyor solutions by the presence of individual trays-carriages, in which the luggage goes all the way from the check-in counter to sorting to the designated container, which minimizes the occurrence of failure situations.

pharmaceutical center

KATREN, Novosibirsk

In 2021 our company, together with the partner company LLC "KNAPP" has successfully implemented a project for mechanical and electrical installation of equipment on the territory of the complex of the largest Russian pharmaceutical distributor Katren, Novosibirsk.

The complex with an area of 6 thousand square meters and a capacity of up to 240 thousand positions per day currently serves cities and settlements of the Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Kemerovo regions, as well as the Altai Territory and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

relocation of the company sorter


In 2021 our company has successfully completed a complex of works on moving sorting conveyor equipment.

Dismantling of equipment at the old place, packaging and preparation for transportation, transportation of equipment to a new place, unloading and checking the complexity of equipment, installation of equipment, commissioning, maintenance of equipment were carried out.

logistics center

OZON-Zelenodolsk, Zelenodolsk
Republic of Tatarstan

In 2021 our company, together with the partner company LLC "Comitas" performed mechanical and electrical installation of the automated conveyor sorting system Damon and Interroll in the new logistics center OZON.

warehouse complex


We have completed these projects in two cities at once: Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In the shortest possible time, our specialists completed such works as: preparation and marking of the site, sticker of QR codes on the site, assembly and installation of racks at work stations, including the installation of all necessary components and components.

sorting center

NLT FULFILMENT, "Russian Post"

Works on mechanical installation of equipment have been completed.

warehouse complex


Electrical and mechanical installation of equipment for an automated food storage warehouse.

Our specialists installed conveyor equipment, including conveyor lines, transport elevators and distribution shuttles manufactured by Imaster.


relocation of the company sorter


Our company carried out the transfer of the BEUMER sorter from Dzerzhinsk to the Industrial Logistics Park "South Gate", Domodedovo

Dismantling, installation, unloading, loading, repairs and diagnostics of all equipment were performed.


warehouse complex


Installation and assembly of racks of two warehouses for storage of products: dry and wet.

Our highly qualified specialists have installed, installed and assembled transporter lifts.

warehouse complex


In the warehouse complex in 2020, our specialists performed the adjustment and modernization of the equipment of the entire warehouse complex.

Yekaterinburg city

In November 2019, HAENEL automated storage systems of the LEAN-LIFT type were assembled at this facility.

warehouse refrigeration complex


In 2007, an automated system for processing products and cargo was installed at the Miratorg warehouse refrigeration complex. The equipment of the TGW Logistics Group GmbH was used during the installation. This warehouse complex is the largest automated refrigeration complex in Russia. The freezing complex is designed for 300 thousand tons of cargo. The operating temperature of the complex is -32 degrees. A large sorting shop has been built at the facility, there is a railway line inside the warehouse complex for loading and unloading trains - so as not to defrost refrigerated cars. The complex implements a wireless communication system through control tablets that signal the movement of goods in real time throughout the warehouse complex. 6 large stacker cranes are used.

warehouse complex


SVA-Group LLC entered into a contract with RTC JSC (MTS) for the transfer of sorting equipment to the premises of the new warehouse, as well as for scheduled maintenance.

multimodal logistics center


The company "SVA-Group" LLC together with "BOYMER" LLC carries out installation and adjustment of an automatic line for filling, packing and palletizing of PVC granules in the logistics center "HUB" Vorsino, consisting of: • BEUMER FILLPAC® FFS - a high-speed installation for fully automated filling and sealing of bags with chemical products; • BEUMER PALETPAC® - a system for folding bags into pallets, capable of handling even fragile goods; • BEUMER STRETCH HOOD® A - an automated system for wrapping pallets in stretch film.


International Airport

Direct contact. Our forces have successfully implemented and completed a project to install an oversized baggage claim conveyor belt.


national airport

In 2021 the modernization of equipment at the Minsk National Airport has been successfully completed and completed, within the framework of which our forces dismantled the old and integrated the new equipment manufactured by Vanderlande Industries. Also, within the framework of this project, our company manufactured and delivered to the facility load-bearing metal structures for this BHS.

international Airport

In 2012-2013, at the Pulkovo International Airport in the new terminal, our company installed an automated baggage handling system (LSS). Pulkovo airport is the most capacious and technologically rich project of SVA-Group LLC. A four-level security screening system has been introduced at the airport. Pulkovo is one of the largest airports in Russia in terms of the length of the automated baggage handling system. At this facility, Vanderlande Industries' know how is implemented - a duplicate sorter that more than doubles the capacity of the baggage handling system.

In 2012, the company "SVA-Group" LLC installed a VIP terminal. In 2018-2019, SVA-Group LLC together with Vanderland Industries LLC installed self-service check-in counters for passengers and baggage. A total of 8 check-in terminals and 8 luggage dispatch terminals have been installed.

international Airport

Installation of an automated baggage handling system. These works led to an increase in the airport's passenger traffic capacity in 2012 by an average of 35%.

international Airport

2009 - installation of a baggage handling system. 2013 - installation of a VIP terminal. The airport has implemented three independent baggage handling systems, which made it possible to achieve high reliability of the system and its reliability. After the opening of the new terminal, the airport's passenger traffic capacity increased significantly. At the moment, we annually inspect the equipment of the luggage compartment to identify the residual resource and determine the possibilities for modernization.

international Airport

Koltsovo International Airport in Yekaterinburg is the largest regional airport in Russia. In 2011 -2012. partnership with SMA B.V. at the Koltsovo airport, a cargo terminal was installed (installation of conveyor equipment, assemblies, accessories) with a total area of over 19,000 sq. meters. The multi-modal semi-automated system has increased the airport's annual cargo traffic by more than 50 thousand tons.

international Airport

Installation of a baggage handling system.

international Airport

Installation of two baggage claim carousels

international Airport

Our company completed the mechanical and electrical installation of the baggage sorting system (LSS) in the new terminal.

The system is equipped with 25 check-in counters and an impressive sorting area. The arrivals area consists of inclined baggage claim carousels with remote loading.

international Airport

In 2014, an automated baggage handling system manufactured by Vanderlande was installed at the Ufa international airport.

international Airport

Installation of an automated system for handling baggage production. A four-level inspection system has been implemented, which allows the simultaneous handling of baggage from transfer and current flights.

international Airport

Installation of metal structures for the installation of a sorter and installation of equipment.

international Airport

Installation of the Vanderlande Automated Baggage Handling System at the Belgorod International Airport in 2013.

international Airport

In 2012, an automated cargo handling system was installed at the cargo terminal of the Vladivostok international airport. A warehouse for temporary storage and delivery of goods was also installed.

maintenance of special telescopic lifting platforms


For a long time, in cooperation with CTI Systems S.a.r.l. we carry out service maintenance of CTI Systems crane systems in the hangar of the Arctic Ocean Region of Russia, as well as maintenance of equipment in the hangar of the presidential terminal.

Due to the classified information of the object, we have no right to distribute photo and video information.


automated sorting center


Completed work on the installation of conveyor equipment, assemblies, accessories manufactured by Vanderlande in the warehouse. ASC allows you to reduce the time for sending mail by optimizing the logistics system, reducing the number of sorting and concentration of mail flows, and reducing the time of its processing.


warehouse complex


Installation of the automated warehouse complex "Henkel". The complex has an efficient system in which the products of the plant are automatically sorted, packed and loaded onto pallets. A system of energy saving with the help of gravity bats has been implemented - pallets are moved under the influence of gravity.

temporary storage


In 2008, equipment for automated storage of goods was installed. The equipment of the TGW Logistics Group GmbH was used during the installation. You can find out more detailed information about the warehouse complex on the customer's website.

dry cement plant


Completed work on the installation of conveyor equipment, assemblies, accessories manufactured by Vanderlande in the warehouse. ASC allows you to reduce the time for sending mail by optimizing the logistics system, reducing the number of sorting and concentration of mail flows, and reducing the time of its processing.

warehouse refrigeration complex


Installation of an automated cargo handling system at the refrigerated warehouse complex of the "Homa" company. Also, four stacker cranes were installed at the facility.

warehouse complex


Adjustment and modernization of the warehouse complex equipment.

warehouse complex


Installation of conveyors for an automated sorting system.

logistics center


Our company together with the BEUMER GROUP company installed a sorter for the DPD company in the logistics center in the city of Domodedovo.


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